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With our community or the privacy of your own home.

Yoga at the Park

Group yoga in the park

All levels welcome

Regardless of where you are in your practice, I will provide you a space to grow and connect. The focus is on alignment and breath, with a special emphasis on proper technique helps you reconnect and recenter your body. A time to get to know your community and yourself as you unwind.

Hazy Eclectic Yoga YouTube

Move on your own time, in the privacy of your home.

If you find you cannot attend our community class or you like the privacy of your home, you can follow along on my channel. Class sequences will be posted the week of each class for you to practice. This option gives you more freedom and a much-needed break from the stress and speed of everyday life. Grab a mat and relax into a soothing sequence that will leave you feeling centered and renewed. Subscribe today!

Online Yoga
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A Donation Based Practice

Focused on community and accessibility.

10% of all profits are donated to an environmental charity. 

I chose to pursue my love for a yogic lifestyle with the goal of guiding and inspiring. It's a passion and brings me real joy to see the impact it has on others when they step on the mat for the first time. I created HazyEclectic Yoga with the goal of making this practice more accessible to the community and as a way to give back to those around me. When you come to my class you have the option to pay me for my time if you wish. The most valuable and rewarding part for me, is that you showed up and took the time to honor yourself. There is no pressure, and you only pay what you feel the value of my class was. I'm not here for your money, I'm here for you.

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