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Jordan MacDonald

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I have seen many lives as well as my own go through a major positive shift after claiming as little as ten minutes a day of mind and body practice for ourselves. We all start off unaware and unsure of who we are or truly want to be. Insecurity and a lack of self awareness are no strangers to humanity. Meditation, nutrition, and an asana practice offered me an abundance of growth as well as an opportunity to better know myself at a rapid pace. With a deeper understanding of my newfound self awareness and purpose, I found yoga had so much more to offer than meeting your basic health requirements. Once you learn how to get into your flow state through an asana practice and meditation, you find it translates to all aspects of your life. Helping you develop skills, express yourself freely, and live a more conscious life focused on the present moment. You tune into the frequency of life around you, seeing things in a new light and picking up on things you otherwise wouldn't have. You develop an unwavering sense of peace, healthy relationships, and a clear vision of the road ahead.

The road of yoga is endless — it all starts with a pose and an intention, before it flourishes into a never-ending path of self discovery, growth, and personal expansion both on and off the mat. I value each and every person who joins me on the mat and I look forward to giving you the tools you need to achieve your personal goals.

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